Robert Ullberg, one of today’s best sportfish yacht designers, has chosen Front Street Shipyard to build and represent his newest project: 50CC. The 50CC is intended to be a crossover between large center consoles and mid-size flybridge sportfishing yachts.  The boat is perfectly suited for a multitude of recreational boating options while optimized for dayfishing functionality.

The yacht’s cockpit is the obvious focal point.  The working ends of most modern sportfishing boats are shrinking in order to allow for larger interior spaces. Since these interiors are hardly used during daytrips, Ullberg instead maximized the cockpit for active fishing and socializing.

“In my mind, this boat is a gentleman fisherman’s solution to the large, multi-outboard dayfishing platform,” said Ullberg. “It is intended to be a vehicle that demonstrates the simplicity and dependability of inboard diesel propulsion, and also exudes all the critical touches of  the nimble and lightweight classic and classically inspired sportfishing boats.”

Structurally the 50CC will be built by Front Street Shipyard of foam-cored carbon fiber. Cosmetically she will have epoxy and E-glass skin coats in order to facilitate inexpensive blemish repairs and offer a skid pad for the bottom.  All major components will be toughened through epoxy infusion and double-bag laminate compression to ensure the highest glass-to-resin ratios without using an autoclave.

Interior accommodations include a simple but complete galley aft of the cabin entrance.  There are two bunks above the massive tackle lockers, drawers and cabinets.  A wet head is forward.

Preliminary calculations predict 45 to 50 knots of speed with twin 900-1,000 BHP diesels.  Alternatively a steady 40- to 42-knot top speed can be achieved with more fuel-efficient twin 800-BHP diesel power.

With today’s advanced, cost-effective and readily available manufacturing and materials technology, Front Street Shipyard and Robert Ullberg hope to maximize sportfishing vessels beginning with the 50CC.  The new design is a truly high-tech machine with world-class dayfishing capabilities.

To inquire about customizing and building a 50CC, please email