Front Street Shipyard is proud to be supporting SW Boatworks of Lamoine, Maine, by building the mold and hulls for their newest boat line, the Calvin Beal 42. The design is similar to its sister, the 38′ CB, but with more length to accommodate both commercial and sportsfishing/pleasure demands. This design has been approved by Calvin Beal and Capt. Stewart Workman. The Calvin Beals are a very popular and handsome custom design. They are known for their seaworthiness, stability, and fuel efficiency — all proven by fishermen and enjoyed by yachtsmen. SW Boatworks, owner of the Calvin Beals, is an experienced, high-quality custom boat builder that has been constructing custom vessels for over 15 years.


Length: 42′
Width: 15′
Transom: 14′ 2″
Draft: 4′ 2′

Call SW Boatworks for more information: 207-667-7427