At Front Street Shipyard we’re well equipped to service yachts big and small. Our shop space accommodates vessels as long as 160 feet, and we’re currently planning construction of a sixth building on the waterfront where we’ll have the capacity to house even larger superyachts for major refits. We have the only facility on the East Coast where work on oversized yachts can be performed indoors.


Equipment and Shops

Our yard is continuing to grow and expand the facilities as more customers request accommodations for oversized projects. Front Street Shipyard has 72,555 square feet of space for yacht storage and 10,320 square feet of shop space on a six-acre property with 1,500 feet of waterfront. We also have an additional seven acres of off-site storage space. All of the equipment at Front Street Shipyard is of the highest quality so that operations run seamlessly. Among the unique and capable equipment on site is:

  • 485-ton Travel Hoist
  • 165-ton Travelift
  • 60-ton Mobile Hoist
  • 30-ton Hydraulic Crane


Our finishing capabilities at Front Street Shipyard are among the best available. With a paint booth containing 288 fluorescent lights, our spray environment has some of the most technologically advanced systems currently in use. System controls regulate humidity levels, temperatures, and airflow to create the best possible environment for proper coating application and curing.


Our team of coatings experts are savvy, experienced craftspeople for whom perfection is a must. They prep every vessel exhaustively prior to applying coatings. Using traditional longboard sanding and contemporary laser-leveling methods, our fairing professionals achieve an ideal surface on which to apply the best-quality paints and coatings.


At Front Street Shipyard, we work with a variety of paint manufacturers to match colors and to develop custom paint colors that satisfy any yacht owner’s needs.


Our metalwork team has developed a special expertise working with metals in the unique yachting environment. In addition to performing refits on metal hulls, we engineer stainless steel and aluminum parts on site at Front Street Shipyard. Through our experience with superyachts, commercial yachts and racing sailboats, we’ve honed our abilities to marry metals, woods and composites in a single vessel to ensure integrity and strength in hulls, decks, hardware and key stress points. We fabricate custom parts for yachts when off-the-shelf items don’t fit the requirements, sizing or aesthetics of the vessel. Every part we produce matches the quality of the yacht for which it was custom crafted.


Front Street Shipyard’s metalwork experts are formally certified by the American Bureau of Shipbuilding (ABS). Our shop equipment includes metal cutting and plasma cutting machines as well as TIG and MIG welders.

Interior and Joinery

Front Street Shipyard has some of the most talented yacht carpenters in New England. We use a combination of traditional fine woodworking methods and the highest quality timber to create handcrafted furniture and accents for modern yachts. Whether your yacht requires custom fabrication of new pieces or restoration of classic and antique pieces, our fine joiners will approach the project with the care and precision necessary to match the rest of your yacht’s interior.


Authenticity is key in an exceptional interior, and we strive to match new woods with old, from the grain down to the finish. We also have an on-site metal fabrication shop to create any hardware that will best accent your yacht’s decor. The possibilities are endless and we welcome collaboration with interior designers and yacht architects who can help us define your vision for your living spaces.

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