Bring your power or sailing yacht to us for the care and enhancements she needs. Whether it’s an annual application of varnish or more extensive composite repairs, we will afford your boat the proper attention she deserves. Our repair and refit professionals work with both epoxy and vinyl ester resin systems to breathe new life into any boat. We have experts in rigging, mechanical systems, electrical repairs and electronics upgrades. We understand that your boat is your pride and joy so we make sure to only use the very highest quality materials in all of our work. Please email for estimates.

Services available

  • Coatings including paint and varnish
  • Composite repairs of all materials from fiberglass to carbon using either epoxy or vinyl ester systems
  • Carpentry and fine joinery
  • Metal fabrication — stainless steel, aluminum, steel and bronze
  • Rigging
  • AC/DC electrical systems
  • Electronics repairs and upgrades
  • Engines (diesel and gas)
  • Plumbing and sanitation systems
  • Hydraulic controls

Note: Front Street Shipyard is not a do-it-yourself facility. While owners may work on their boats with prior permission, FSS does have a policy that must be followed by owners, crews, and subcontractors.


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Service Rates
Carpentry $85/hr
Cleaning $52/hr
Design $95/hr
Electrical $85/hr
Electronics $95/hr
Fiberglass/composites $85/hr
General yard labor $72/hr
IT/computer $95/hr
Mechanical $85/hr
Metal fabrication $85/hr
Pressure-washing $72/hr
Rigging $85/hr
Spray painting $75/hr
Varnish/brush painting $62/hr


Hauling Rates

150-MT Lift

Haul, block and re-launch (under 50′) $16/ft
Haul, block and re-launch (50′ to 79′) $20/ft

Add $2/ft to the above prices for catamarans.


440-MT Lift

Haul, block and re-launch $44/ft
Black water tank on land $100/wk
Cooling tower $140/wk
Crane $175/hr
Man-lift $250/wk
Equipment hookup $80/hr

All equipment hookup fees are additional.

Environmental Fees
Disposal of waste gas $20/gal
Disposal of waste oil, diesel $10/gal

*There is a 2% surcharge on all materials to offset environmental charges.

Storage Rates


Outdoor storage of boat without spar* $65/ft overall
Outdoor storage of boat w/ spar* $70/ft overall
In-water in winter* $45/ft
Electricity for in-water storage (<30amps) $50/cord/mo
Electricity for in-water storage (50amps) $100/cord/mo
Indoor storage (0-1,000 sq ft) $10/sq ft
Indoor storage (over 1,000 sq ft) Quoted
Heated storage $14/sq ft
On-land in summer $350/wk
Dinghy storage (up to 12′)*** $100
Dinghy storage (over 12′)*** $200
Outboard storage $40
Spar storage** $3/ft

*Add $2/ft to these prices for catamarans. **All monohull spars must be unstepped for winter storage. ***Dinghy storage fees do not include labor.

Rates valid beginning August 1, 2021. All rates are subject to change without notice.