Subcontractor Policy


Front Street Shipyard (FSS) is a business whose philosophy is to provide the highest quality custom maintenance and restoration work on fine yachts. We expect that when a customer places his/her yacht in our care, s/he is doing so because of our dedication to quality. We can only maintain that quality by doing the very work that brought the customer to FSS in the first place.

Front Street Shipyard allows owners to perform any and all work on their vessels using their own tools, with the one exception that the yard is required to paint the bottom, although the owner may supply the paint. This is due to environmental concerns. Should an owner choose to ignore this request, the boat will be assessed the appropriate amount of time it would have taken to paint and the owner will be billed that amount at our stated rates. Very special circumstances may be reviewed to allow an owner or captain to paint with prior permission.

Occasionally, a customer will request a service within a time frame that we cannot meet or to perform work on a unique product where a specialist is required. In these cases we welcome the use of outside contractors and in fact we strive to develop a mutually beneficial working relationship. On the other hand, we discourage the use of outside entities that are in direct competition with our efforts to remain viable.

Any person, except an owner of the yacht on which he is working or the owner’s full time captain, shall provide a copy of insurance coverage prior to doing work at FSS. Such coverage will include, at a minimum, liability in the amount of $1,000,000 and workers’ compensation in the amount of $500,000.

The Owner is fully responsible for the vessel’s condition during its stay at the Yard. The Owner is also fully responsible for any damage to the property of the Yard or to other vessels caused by the Owner’s vessel. The Owner hereby releases, holds harmless, and waives all rights against FSS for any and all claims for paint, coatings or wrap damage or loss of any kind arising out of the haul-out process. The Owner, on behalf of the Owner and the Owner’s insurer, indemnifies and holds the Yard, its officers, directors, employees, and agents harmless from all claims, damages, and losses, including attorney fees and loss of use, unless caused by the sole negligence of the Yard, its employees, or agents.

Our employees are very friendly and outgoing; please do not put them in an awkward situation by asking to use shop tools and equipment. We have had too many close calls with owners, captains and subcontractors and wish to avoid a serious injury. Under no circumstances will anyone other than FSS employees use tools or equipment owned by FSS.

Owners, contractors and crews who are doing approved work at FSS shall:

  • Sign in every day and indicate the nature of activities.
  • Observe all safety precautions and policies instituted by FSS. Contractors must attend a safety indoctrination session, which is presented by an FSS safety officer.
  • Not impede the progress of work being performed by FSS or interfere with the FSS work schedule.
  • Not enter restricted areas including private offices, stores, and shops except when accompanied by FSS staff.
  • Purchase from FSS stores all non-specialty materials. A courtesy discount of 10% is applied to purchases.
  • Immediately report injury to persons or damage to property and equipment; alert a member of FSS staff and file a written report of the incident.
  • Enter premises only during normally scheduled hours of operation at FSS.


  • FSS will apply a 10% surcharge on subcontractor work performed.
  • Day rates may apply.
  • Over two-week live-aboard is not permitted.
  • Anyone found not adhering to FSS policy will be asked to leave the yard.

Please contact our service department with questions about working as a subcontractor or hiring a subcontractor to work on your vessel.