The 1962 steel-hulled trawler SINDBAD was in our shop for a year and a half undergoing one of the most extensive refits of her life. Built in Norway by A. Eidsvik, and measuring about 80 feet, SINDBAD was meant for navigating in the icy conditions of the North Sea. Three decades later a yachtsman acquired her and customized her for more leisurely sailing in warmer climes. Since then SINDBAD has cruised New England and the Caribbean, but received limited maintenance — until her refit at Front Street Shipyard, beginning in fall of 2016.

SINDBAD’s last refit was under the direction of her current owner’s father. He did more than refresh her systems and replace equipment; he re-engineered her. Although he wasn’t a yacht designer, he knew what kind of performance he wanted, and what SINDBAD could offer. After several attempts, he successfully engineered a below-waterline bulb for the bow, which improved her speed and seakeeping.


After the owner’s passing several years ago, SINDBAD was inherited by his son. Feeling an obligation to his late father, he brought her to Front Street Shipyard and committed to an exhaustive refit that would make his father proud.

SINDBAD’s biggest issue upon arrival was corrosion. We addressed a lot of hull issues, built new caprails, and replaced many hatches and doors where rust had built up. We had to remove every piece of equipment in SINDBAD’s engineroom — except for the main engine — so we could sandblast and paint. That required cutting a hole in hull that we would repair later.


Most of the equipment we removed never went back in. From watermakers to air-conditioning to generators, everything was replaced with new and modern parts. Her systems were in no better shape. Fuel, freshwater and black-water systems were replaced or rebuilt. We installed new sensors and parts throughout. Hundreds of feet of new wiring have brought her electrical systems up to standard.


Our paint crew had their work cut out for them. Her owner  wanted to keep up SINDBAD’s more “commercial” look on the outside, so we kept the fairing to a minimum. We primed and painted her using Alexseal®. Last summer following a launching celebration and appreciation party for the Front Street Shipyard crew, SINDBAD went back in the water. Her shakedown cruise was to Barnegat Bay and back to Nantucket, where she’ll spend most summers. This winter she’ll be heading to the Caribbean for the winter season.


We hope to see her back in Maine in the coming years for occasional maintenance and cruising opportunities.