The 1962 steel-hulled North Sea trawler SINDBAD was in our shop for a year and a half. She was designed and built in Norway as an ice class vessel. Three decades later she was transformed into a yacht-class vessel. Now, a quarter-century after that, she underwent a restoration of yacht quality.

SINDBAD’s entire engineroom —except for the main engine —was removed so we could sandblast and paint. We replaced most all of the equipment as well as her generators. Fuel, freshwater and black-water systems were replaced or rebuilt. We installed new sensors and parts throughout. Hundreds of feet of new wiring have brought her electrical systems up to standard.

Corrosion was SINDBAD’s biggest issue. We built new caprails and replaced many hatches and doors where rust had built up. We also addressed many hull issues before priming her for paint.

Finally, all of her outdated electrical systems were replaced, including thousands of feet of new wiring.