Built in 2013 in Turkey, TEMPUS FUGIT is a 90-foot wooden sloop that arrived in Belfast last fall. She was ready for some major work on her hull planks as well an overhaul of some of her systems. Inside our shed over the winter, TEMPUS FUGIT underwent some hull repairs and mechanical maintenance and updates.

TEMPUS FUGIT has a cold molded hull.  The exterior was built of 3/16” mahogany planks, which had developed cracks after the original exterior finish had failed. To bring the finish back up to like-new standards, we sanded the hull down to the bare wood, identified areas of deterioration, and replaced a significant number of planks.

We applied ten coats of WEST SYSTEM 207 Special Clear to the hull, sanding between every three coats. Next we sprayed nine coats of Awlgrip’s Awlcraft 2000, sanding between every three coats again.

Our mechanics also worked on TEMPUS FUGIT. There were some repairs necessary for her generator and watermaker. We also serviced her engines and bowthruster.

Our joiners had some additional work beyond the hull as well. They also repaired several hatches. Finally they replaced a section of caprail, and then stripped and recoated it in its entirety.

TEMPUS FUGIT returned to the water in spring of 2020. Her bright wood hull is a remarkable work of craftsmanship that we’re proud to show off.