ZENYATTA has been an annual guest at Front Street Shipyard for years, and we’ve done regular maintenance and updates on this Gunboat 62. This winter her owner has committed to a major refit to both update her and further customize her for his Caribbean and New England circuit.

ZENYATTA’s hull has long been absorbing water, so we’re peeling her bottom and re-laminating it to make it watertight. When this is finished, we’ll apply new paint to both her hull and deck.

Our systems techs are installing new engines and a new generator. This will be made more efficient with new solar panels that have increased charging capabilities. ZENYATTA will get new davits and an aft traveler, as well as new tillers and bucket seats, making long-distance cruising and racing more comfortable. We’re adding new deck padding and making some repairs to the trampoline, longeron and cross beam.

Designer David McCollough of McCollough Yachts is designing new daggerboards for the performance cat. We’ll build them out of prepreg carbon fiber.

Inside ZENYATTA we’re replacing most of her appliances. We’ll also reveneer some of her interior spaces. The resulting improvements will make for a much more comfortable yacht for chartering.